Friday, 30 March 2012

An update on the 'fright'

So it turns out the City does deal with things in a half decent fashion. Good to know, it is after all our tax money that is at work. I got a call from the pool supervisor where our Offspring goes for lessons. She had not been there the day of the incident. She was at the union negotiations (of course!). She spoke well and asked how we were doing and stressed the importance of bringing our little guy back for lessons. We understood that, but I wanted to know what they would do to address the incident and future safety during lessons.

They are adding another instructor to manage four preschoolers! Fine by me, but why? They are also considering opening up a new session on Fridays and we can move our little guy to that time slot if we would like to. I am fine with that too, I would like to avoid the boisterous boy if I can. I know she can't really speak about that kid, but it seems like that is one issue. But it isn't ours. So I am not going to worry about it.

I also asked what authority the teacher has to ask a kid to leave the pool if s/he does not behave. Her response,  was something akin to - not much really, you know these days we have to be really careful. First of all we don't know if the child has been diagnosed with a behavioral issue, and if he has the parents must disclose the information for us to deal with the child appropriately. The other things is that these are preschoolers so a time out would be a serious issue and we deal with different kinds of people and really, we can't do much - part of the response is understandable. The second half is political bullshit.

She also did not once admit that the instructor was perhaps wrong to have gone under water. She lost sight of them, it was just a split second, but as we saw it was all it took for two kids to slip under water. She defended the instructor and said she was excellent, perhaps, but I have yet to see it. I will only take him back for lessons because I do not want him associating all the negativity of the last lesson to the water/pool.

I am now waiting to hear if they are opening up the Friday session and if we can move our guy, if not I will watch to see how the lessons go and if I am not happy I will pull him out and demand a full refund. I can always take him during family time and continue to let him have a safe and happy time in the water.

That's our monkey in his sandbox filled with water.

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