Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Lamb chops a la Dork

We had a very expensive meal this weekend. Lamb chops, Australian lamb chops at that. When I say expensive I am not speaking of the money we paid, but more about the cost of production, transportation etc. We do have lamb every now and then, but every time I pick it up at the grocery shop I hear that small voice of reason tell me how environmentally unfriendly that is, in so many bloody (literally) ways! But the carnivore in me cannot resist temptation.

It turned out pretty well for chops that were pan seared and popped in the oven for an hour while the Offspring entertained himself (a rare occurrence) and Hubby and I discussed Arundhati Roy's most recent essay (a topic for another time). I usually have fresh rosemary, but this time I just used some dried herbs, plenty of garlic, black pepper and fennel to rub over the chops and seared them on the pan and then transferred to a baking dish. I popped it in the oven, covered, to cook for over an hour. We all eat the meat well done, hence the hour. And lest I forget Hubby made the mash from scratch.

So that's dinner a la Dork, vast improvements if I may say so myself. Perhaps I should try a greener meal next time? Greener in every sense of the word!

p.s. While my cooking has improved I am getting nowhere with taking decent pictures of my accomplishment. Such a bummer.

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Raigama said...

I agree, the photo is not impressive. However, I imagine that lamb should be delicious! It is me who cook meat in our household all the time.