Thursday, 8 March 2012


The Girl is giving a fabulous account of her trip to the US and Canada and she has posted some beautiful pictures of fog/mist along the Eastern coast. It reminded me of home. 

I am a tropical being in my heart of hearts. I took these pictures some seven years ago when I visited family. I grew up in the tropical highlands, where mist is a daily occurrence. 

In the tropics we are not likely to see fog along the coast like the Girl and her Boy saw along the Atlantic, but the highlands are magic.  I love the mist, I love walking on a misty day along tea plantations...and as a child there was no end to my imagination.

There is something so romantic about mist, I've never found it frightening. Driving can get tricky as you never know what is coming around the next bend, and there are lots of them up in the hills.

Everything looks twice as beautiful.

I have so many memories of misty days and long walks and so few pictures. This is not the best picture of this tree, but I know exactly what it looked like that day and no matter how many pictures I take sometimes I just cannot capture the moment, the feeling. That's what makes a fabulous picture and that is what the Girl has accomplished. Well done Girl!

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