Thursday, 7 February 2008

The road less travelled

I had to trudge through over a foot of snow this morning, and realised how it was easier when someone else had already walked ahead of me. I was walking in the other person’s footsteps, literally! It was so much harder when I had to wade through snow where no one had been. And then I got to a part where a lot of people had walked by and was relieved at the thought it should be easier to get through the rest of the way, but no such luck! Now that snow was harder and really slippery, and I had to walk more carefully, which slowed me down considerably.

This is like most things in life. It is always easier to go where people have been before, and harder to take the road less travelled. But then again, if lots of people have been there before, they have likely messed up the place or left the path too beaten and too difficult for you to make your way with fewer challenges.Sometimes its nice to take the road less travelled and other times its safer to follow in others footsteps. The choice is ours, and that is always a challenge, isn’t it?