Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Cedar Waxwings

It is always fantastic to spot a bird you've never seen in the wild before. I am getting rather good at spotting new species of birds, if I may say so myself. Here's proof of the flock of cedar waxwings we saw over the weekend. 

My first ever picture of a cedar waxwing

 The pictures are misleading, it did take a 300mm zoom and some editing to see them as clearly.

They were quite restless, there was a fair bit of human traffic where we were so they kept flitting about. I never quite got a look at the red tips older birds have on the wings. I have to assume that they were all young.

Tad windy there!
I also managed a few shots of their so called amazing aeronautic capabilities. If I could I would have sat their all afternoon watching these beautiful creatures. 

Just look at the pattern on their tails!

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