Monday, 12 March 2012

Soaring weekend

The weekend we put the clocks forward is always tiring, at least since the Offspring arrived. We also pushed our luck with him a bit trying to get a few things done which ended in a scream fest, but all in all it turned out to be a half decent weekend.

To be honest I have to force myself to remember what we did because everything is overshadowed by the fabulous pictures (by my standards/capabilities) I got of my feathred friends. Looks like I don't have to entirely give up on wildlife photography, I just have to be more realistic and perhaps happy with one grand shot for a season.

Sunday morning, lounging in the backyard with my little monkey eating 'snack' and sipping tea we spotted a red-tailed hawk. Not easy to photograph and not with an excited little boy at my feet. This was the end result, not as sharp, but you can identify it. We need to take care of these guys because according to my bird book they have thinning egg shells, a sign that we have too much pesticides in this area. I will stick to my garlic and vinegar in our yard this summer

I did meet yet another fabulous bird, will post as soon as I get the chance to go through hundred odd pictures to pick the best ones!

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