Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Got hit by shit

I just realised I have not posted in a ridiculously long time. I also realised I was beginning to get anxious and twitchy. That's when it hit my that I have not been sharing the sordid details of my life with how many ever anonymous readers there are.

So the reason for my absence is pretty much explained in the post title. It has been raining crap for the last two months. It all started with having my wisdom teeth out. While I had hyped myself no end, the whole process was so simple and brief. However, for anyone who has had their teeth taken out you probably know that the real trouble is not with having them out. It is just like having a baby. The labour and delivery seemed like a walk in the park for me compared to when we got home with my little bundle of screams. It was a similar experience, I ended up with something called a dry socket. Well, there are easy fixes, it was taken care of.

Just as I was getting over this nonsense, I met with an accident while driving to work. The other driver just drove into me. Yeah right! That's what everybody says right. I didn't say that initially. I thought it was totally my fault for having made the left turn when this woman on the right turn only lane t-boned me. I refused to move the car. I was too stunned, because in the corner of my eye I was looking for the car that ought to pull up alongside me, because that it what people do when they get on the goddamn right turn only lanes. So the crash was totally unexpected. Scary, but my immediate reaction, "oh no, I crashed my Hubby's dear old car." He has been driving this lady for nearly twelve years and she was in ace condition. No exaggeration.

The last I saw of the trusty old Girl

After waiting two hours for the cop, and another two hours of statements and time in the cop car I got a ticket for turning when it was not safe. I don't know what happened to the other woman. It was one of those days, pouring rain and wind and just a crappy day in all. I am now waiting on a court date to contest the ticket because I am convinced it was not my fault. I have had to make the same maneuver a couple of times since then and I have been fine. Hubby pointed out why it was not my fault because when you look at the intersection from the direction in which this woman came at me (picture below), it is impossible to hit me unless she was trying to get on to the far left lane, which is what I was turning on to, or she lost control of the vehicle. So now we wait, not sure what will happen to the insurance, hopefully we can sort this out before it comes up for renewal.

I was where the red car is when I got hit...sigh.
On the same day this happened a cousin of mine, 42 years old, had a stroke. She is still in a coma after two surgeries and cerebral edema that never went down. She has two boys who are convinced their mother will be well and a husband who is sitting by her everyday, completely in touch with reality yet hoping for a miracle.

So I go forward, praying for this beautiful woman and thanking the power beyond all comprehension for sparing my life, yet again. I only hope I am still here for good reason and that I learn what it is, sooner than later.

On that note I best be off and do some serious work. Stay tuned, I will keep up with some regular rambling from now on.

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