Tuesday, 25 November 2008


I always took pride in saying that I speak my mind. Wise parents, friends and family have always cautioned me against doing that. But I find it so hard to refrain from saying something when I feel that what is happening is unfair in anyway. I can't say I take sides, but feel that the truth must be heard. But am I ever sorry I said what was on my mind recently.

I have learned that it is one thing to try and reason with friends, colleagues and even strangers, but you cannot reason with family. You never really know with family and when your actions, meant to help someone you love ends up hurting the same person, it feels terrible. I doubt I will 'speak my mind' like I have all this while, ever again. At least not with the family.


DeeCee said...

I guess sometimes, silence is the best answer... easier said than done eh.. :)

Songshards said...

You've also got to remember that if it's something that has to be said it's probably only a family member (like you) who will say it. It's tough I know but try not to beat yourself up about it too much.

Foxhound said...

Hmm... I'm speaking my mind more with family than in the past. I find it's a natural progression.