Monday, 3 November 2008

The beginning...?

After what the media claims as the most expensive campaign in history, Barack Hussein Obama is president elect, with the democrats organising to pull the US out of the hole and hopefully help fix the ailing economy.

No doubt Obama has a lot on his plate. I do believe the expectations are rather unreal. I really like this man, he is intelligent, no doubt. He organised a terrific campaign and raked in the votes for the democrats, I doubt Hillary Clinton would have had the energy to pull that off. Happy as I am that it is Obama in the White House and not McCain, I am not convinced that things will change too soon or for the better. Although things cannot get any worse than they already are.

The US is not the superpower that it once was. Obama has to restore its credibility globally, and I think by voting for him the Americans have to some extent restored the faith of the international community. BUT, I will remain skeptical about the foreign policies that will emerge from the White House come January. He has to fix the economy (easier said than done), and keep the promises made about tax cuts, health benefits and so on. I am also eager to see what his stand will be on environmental issues. Will the US finally ratify the Kyoto Protocol? So many questions...only time will tell.

In the meantime I hope Obama stays safe. His middle name is not going to do him any favours and everytime I hear or read of comparisons to JFK, I shudder. I do not want this man, or any man to have to face an end like JFK or MLK Jr for that matter. So here's hoping...and praying.

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