Friday, 2 May 2008

Sights and sounds of Spring

American Goldfinches are one of my favourite birds. I love watching them at the feeder. And the only gentleman in the flock is waiting patiently for his mates to be done before he takes his turn. Actually in birds' world I hear that the younger chaps have to wait their turn for food and a nice piece of real estate, not to mention the mates. They only ever get the left overs. So perhaps he is not a gentleman as much as he is a rookie.

We fed Mr Chip here plenty in the Fall and hoped he would return, so naturally I was thrilled that he made his way right to the door step for lunch.

Chickadees calling out to each other. So entertaining and so loud for teeny tiny birds. There are beautiful photographs of these birds on Songshards' site.


Songshards said...

Hey I can only see the goldfinch picture. Is that my problem?

Dr K said...

I am not sure, I will have to check, the other two are videos I uploaded of Mr Chip and the Chickadees' song.

Songshards said...

For some weird reason I can see the videos today! Yay! My Chip is a darling! Wish I had cheek pouches like that! How useful for when I'm full but there's plenty of great food left to try!