Friday, 2 May 2008


I have been too busy to make entries...but this I have to tell you. A wise friend once predicted that I will witness the following incident.

I walked out into the cold earlier this week after a particularly gruelling day of trying to accomplish various things and joined people walking by, dressed as if it was a warm summer day on the sidewalk. They did not appear to have much subcutaneous fat to keep them warm either, I shrugged and walked on with hunched shoulders to keep warmand stepped aside for a man who obviously did not feel the cold on his roller blades. As he passed me on the sidewalk I realised he was headed for this silly pedestrian engrossed with his cell phone or whatever the gadget was that he had in his hand. Fortunately for the pedestrian Mr Rollerblades saw him in good time and swerved (if that is the term), but unfortunately for him lost his balance and fell sideways into the guy headed from the opposite direction on his skateboard and a cyclist who turned into the sidewalk from around the corner ran right into Mr Rollerblades and Mr Skateboard. What a mess! And the irony of it was that Mr Pedestrian just walked on oblivious to what had happened, quite content in his little electronic world.

What did I do? I just stood there, speechless, trying really hard not to grin as I watched them pick themselves up and curse the pedestrian. When they looked in my direction I did grin, and then did too, thankfully. We shrugged and grinned and went our separate ways.

This was especially funny (to me, I know that's nasty) because as I said, a wise friend once predicted that this would happen years ago, and it did. Only wish I had had my camera. This description does no justice to what I saw.

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