Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Talk to Each Other

Rarely do you a sign like that on an elevator! Well, I have never seen a sign like that before. It was printed in big bold letters and taped to the door with masking tape. I first noticed it on my way up, but I was stuck behind a huge guy and could barely see everyone's expression. As I came down arms laden with books (this was at a library) and two others got on I looked at both of them wondering if I ought to smile or start a conversation about the sign. But then the guy acknowledged the sign with a smile and said, "it would be nice," and I agreed, grinning. Then the girl standing next to me smiled and said, "yes it would, wouldn't it!" We had just got started, but the elevator was too fast so we got off smiling at each other. We didn't really 'talk' but it was nice that we at least smiled at each other. I wonder why strangers don't talk to each other on elevators? We seem to talk to strangers every where else, at least most public places.


Songshards said...

Awww... that was so nice. Someone had a very cool idea. :-) But it took you to start the ball rolling!

The Dork said...

I am so glad you think that was a nice idea. I was raelly thrilled that someone did that.