Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A book by a different cover

Subways are a great place to watch people, and I take particular interest in what people read, only because very few people read books these days. A majority of the commuters either listen to music and play with their cell phones or little portable computers or whatever they are called. Lately I have seen a lot of folks with Bibles and I figured it may have something to do with this being the Lent season.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to find a seat next to this dear old lady reading her Bible. I settled myself to watch people and slowly took a peek at the 'Bible' and what do I find, "In a Rebel's Arms"…and one line I managed to read said something like, "…he looked wild and untamed…" Somehow it did not strike me as a book in the Bible or that the wild and untamed individual was any of the people written about in the Bible. The book had this lovely dark fabric cover, hence my assumption (clever disguise for a raunchy cover). I wanted to laugh out loud as I glanced at the lady's deeply lined, serious face. I didn't dare grin.

As we neared her stop she carefully put her book away after making sure her bookmark (which looked like a child's drawing) was in place and the lovely fabric cover was free of creases. She then grabbed her elegant walking stick and got off the train.

I just stared after her wondering if it is ever too late for these crazy romance novels.

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Songshards said...

What a great post! I felt I was in the bus with you peering at that book. :-)