Tuesday, 14 January 2014

All partied out

This has to have been the most exhausting birthday party I have planned for my monkey, although when I look back there were just a few extra people and we didn't do anything unusual. So I am blaming Batman! That cake took a lot out of me. Probably because I baked the giant base for it. We were expecting more people than usual (the family that shows up unannounced) and I was concerned we would run out of cake. Next time they just don't get cake.

Having said that, the look on my Bubba's face was worth the effort. I have him to thank for helping me discover this cake making ability. The initial plan was to cut out buildings to create a city skyline of sorts all around the border of the base - Batman on Gotham City? Something like that, but I ran out of steam.

I think I will play with fondant for this year and see what I can come up. Having done all these superhero cakes I kind of wish I had a girl to make cakes for. It would be nice to make flowers and princesses and rainbows.

Now that the party is all done, I am feeling a bit lost. Perhaps I should get around to the writing, job applications and some exploration into the 'next steps'. I just need a big kick in the backside to do it. I really do loathe winter. I just want to curl up and sleep for the next three months. This winter has been horrific and even the thaw over the last few days has done little to help. In fact there is black ice everywhere and a good chance you'd break a bone. So on that note, let me be off and get some real work done. Stay warm/cool based on where you are reading this.


Brilliana said...

Love the cake - it's just fabulous! Interested to see where you go with fondant. I think it often tastes awful but you can sure get creative with it. xo

The Dork said...

I don't like fondant either, which is why I have been reluctant to try it. We shall see.

Nicole said...

The cake looks amazing - you are a superhero :)