Tuesday, 23 August 2011

A call from Alex

I am in the middle of writing a bloody long paper, the longest I have ever written in my relatively short life. It is all to do with grad school, that's a story for another time. Anyways, I am feeling terribly challenged and it has taken a toll on me and my family. So basically, working under a lot of stress. To add to all this, just two days ago my laptop turned green, well the screen did. Now I work with the laptop hooked up to the desktop monitor (like it is on life support or something). Just this morning I started to see flickering gray lines on the screen. So can you just imagine my stress levels? All of what I need, in terms of software is on this laptop. The dear old desktop is just that, old; and so is everything contained within. You get the point?

Well the phone rang as I was reading my intro for the umpteenth time...it was Alex from some technical support place. I picture Alex calling from Madagascar with a phony accent (not sure where the accent is supposed to be from), but only this Alex was claiming he was calling to help me. The Alex of Madagascar would be calling for help.

So I ask what it was about...because you see I am having technical issues with computers. Desperate ones. Alex claims that my computer has been sending him error messages for a couple of weeks now and 'malisius' (guessing malicious) files have been downloaded onto my computer and they will now corrupt all my data. He wanted me to turn on my computer and connect to the internet so he could help. Seeing as I am connected to the internet I ask him what kind of information he would need to help me. Believe me I knew this was a bogus call. Phishing is it?

I asked him how it is that he connected my phone number to my computer...apparently when I connect to the internet (which we are 24/7 through cable) information is internationally routed. I am no tech expert, but I am married to a geek and I know a word or two even if I don't know a thing or two. I also ask him the name of this company he is calling from. He mumbles something with that fake accent. God it pissed me off. I just didn't have the time for this piece of crap who was obviously calling under the assumption that he was speaking to a dumb fuck who would give him information he needed. Granted I am not the smartest freak to walk the planet, but I am not as dumb as these guys think I am. I know its not personal, but right now everything in my life is personal. I have a deadline.

Anyway, I finally give him a piece of my mind, profanities included and hang up. And he called me twice after that. I did not want to raise my blood pressure any more, so I turned up the volume on the radio (thank you Lady Gaga) and did not speak.

I am taking time out of work to post this because if any of you receive a call like this, tell the caller where to go and hang up. Hopefully if enough people to do it they will realize that they are not getting their hands on our personal information by getting into our computers. 

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