Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mrs MD

You might remember the post about the mourning dove that picked the tree in our front yard to nest this year. She had two chicks and then she was gone. Or so I was told. I was away for a month and couldn't stalk her like I had been doing since she showed up.
Mrs MD with her chicks, they look rather scary
When I returned my neighbour mentioned she was back and calling for her chicks. I knew she was not that stupid. And guess what? She is nesting again!! The best part about it that our toddler is learning to quietly watch her every day and says, "hi biddie." 

I hope "biddie" gets her chicks out of the eggs and is off in good time. It is getting a bit chilly now.

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Prashani said...

Oh what a super pic! Three biddies!