Monday, 4 January 2010

Little lady works

I realised today that I don't have to be pregnant the rest of my life to have people hold doors or find a seat in a crowded cafeteria. You just have to be a little lady, walk like one and don't open your mouth (if you are as loud and annoying as I am), just smile.

I wore my new coat, very lady like coat - beige with belts to make the waist look smaller with a very elegant hood. I have always been sceptical about lady like coats for the longest time and have stuck to my trusty ski jacket, often looking like an angry, messy teenager ready to shove anyone who got in my way. Winter weather gives me no reason to smile. But this little jacket proved me wrong today. It was -21 with the windchill and it passed the test! I am very impressed and it did not cost a hundred dollars either. Need I say I am very pleased.

Well anyways, wearing this coat made me feel like a lady. Or maybe pretend like one would be a more honest thing to say. I opened doors very gently (all the while smiling to myself, wondering why I was doing that) and took teeny tiny steps while walking (the slush all over the place meant I had to do that and it worked to my advantage). Everywhere I went people smiled and held the door for me and let me get to the sugar and milk at the coffee shop and one young man even let me have his seat at the cafeteria.

There is one other thing, it could also be my new hat. At just $7 it was bargain and unlike my maroon moose hat (which was wonderfully warm and loyal until I donated it to some lost and found somewhere in this God forsaken city...meaning, I have no idea where I dropped it) is also very stylish. It is worth paying attention to what you look like I suppose.

On the flip side, people may just have been nice because it is the first day back and almost everyone I ran into may be trying hard to keep their resolutions to be half decent to people around them.

All in all, it was a good day. I am giving credit to my new coat and here's to a fabulous new year to everyone.

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