Thursday, 26 March 2009


My African violets. These are two of my favourites. I discovered my green thumb when I attempted to propagate a deep purple violet. I was very excited that I was actually able to grow new plants, so excited that I ended up with dozens of new plants, which I then started to give away for lack of space in the then tiny apartment. It felt good to be giving away plants, especially to veteran gardenerrs.

Then I looked around one day and saw that I had very few plants left and what I had were doing badly. My deep purple one was completely gone, not one left. I lost the pink one too. I love the white one, and I was really upset to see it doing badly. I took a leaf cutting and hoped it would grow new plants. Six months later it had three baby plants, which now sit in three pots, all with flowers. The white with purple borders was a gift, also one that I had and lost altogether. So once again happy to have that. My pink double petal one has a bud on it. I am waiting for it to blossom. Never fancied myself a gardener one, but I guess I am, at some level.

And outside the house my daffodils are making an appearance, bringing hope of warmer days and letting me know that I am their gardener.


Jo said...

:) Thanks for sharing the photos. I remember the african violets that sat on your kitchen table. I miss having plants in Kingston, but it's way too warm and dry in our apartment.

The Dork said...

Aloe might love the dry, warm conditions of your apartment. They are handy plants too :)

Jo said...

hmm, i never thought of that. I might consider that, especially since I was so used to just ripping off a piece for my eczema when I was home!