Monday, 6 October 2008

Mammary Glands

Mammary glands, more commonly known as breasts or boobs, are specialised sweat glands. Although the secretion is not quite the same as sweat, it nevertheless is a sweat gland. And hence I wonder what the obsession with it is? It is a mass of adipose tissue (fancy way of saying fat) with a lot of ducts that allow milk production and secretion during pregnancy and lactation, that being the purpose of those glands. But some would argue that is serves more than that just the purpose of satiating a howling infant. I won't get into that.

I got to thinking a lot about it over the weekend because I went shopping for support apparatus for the glands. As I paid the hefty bill, I wondered why men are turned on by big breasts, is it a sign of heightened fertility in women or something? And it must be because men are attracted to larger glands that women strive to increase their size, some of them, at any cost. There are however women that have had to battle the constant attention their glands have attracted due to their size, and the battle goes up one level when these women get pregnant - one can easily go up two sizes, and in some cases the growing fetus does not overshadow the growing bossoms. So much so that people notice the breasts before the belly.

So perhaps the easy solution for women with smaller breasts is to get pregnant? And if a man's only complaint about a woman he likes is that she has smaller breasts, then he should get her pregnant and watch it grow? And it will grow by the day! And I hear from the veterans that the size never goes back to the pre-pregnancy size. So...hope for the teeny ladies and not so much hope for the buxom ones.
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DeeCee said...

hooray for pregnancy then! hehehe ( in MY case ;) )

Anonymous said...

"shopping for support apparatus for the glands" - uhm, you mean a bra? :P sorry, after hearing Cherie Blair's "I had not packed my contraceptive equipment..." that really sounded funny :)

fyi: some of us guys prefer a nice hip to bum ratio and smaller busts.. Its a personal preference. Only good for eye candy, mind you...

The Dork said...

I am happy for you deecee.

Agni - what's the fun is saying "bra shopping" :-)? As for the waist to hip ratio - it makes total sense because studies have showed that women with a high ration were also more fertile. This is why this whole mammary gland obsession makes no sense to me.